Steve Austin Reflects On Drinking With Ric Flair At RAW Reunion


Steve Austin has recalled drinking with Ric Flair ahead of WWE's RAW Reunion show back in July.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently had WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair join him on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show. The two reminisced on their time together on WWE‘s recent RAW Reunion show. They also spoke about what could have happened had they feuded while in their prime.

Austin explained that he and Flair were drinking, hanging out, and sharing stories in the run-up to RAW Reunion. He added that, once Flair started telling stories, he wouldn’t want to “tap out” from hearing one of the greats.

“I Don’t Care What The Doctors Say”

“Yeah, I was talking about the RAW reunion a little bit, and I said, ‘Man, I was down there at the bar with Flair and Flair was telling stories, so if Flair’s telling stories, I’m not going to tap out. I’m going to keep drinking!’ And then, people started jumping on [Flair’s] ass saying, ‘Well, Ric Flair’s not supposed to be drinking.’ I saw [Flair] nurse about two or three Bud Lights and Bud Light is about as light as you can get in the alcohol category, and [Flair] nursed them all night long.” Austin explained. 

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“Well, let me tell you something about the next day. I was kind of hungover the next day because I always pace myself here at the house, but [Flair was] telling stories all night long. [Flair] was kind of holding court. I was like a parrot. I was right behind [Flair], damn near on [Flair’s] right shoulder laughing my ass off. And every time I would give the guy the signal to bring me another margarita or another Jack and Coke or another beer – he didn’t make a margarita worth a s**t – so anyway, I kept rotating all my different alcohols.” 

Flair added that anytime he gets to see Austin, he’s going to “jump at it.” 

“I don’t care what the doctors say – I’m going to have some drinks!” Flair said. “What a way to go! Hey listen, my motto was that I want to die either on top of Wendy or in the ring. Now it’s with the boys or doing [Austin’s] podcast!”

The two discussed what might have been had they been able to feud against each other. Austin recalled he worked with Flair a bit near the end of his career, but was frazzled and burned out. He’s confident, however, that the two would have set box office records. 

Flair agreed wholeheartedly, stating that they would have set records everywhere.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.