Stevie Richards Comments On His Favorite Run In Wrestling, Talks About The Undertaker Vs Goldberg


Former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards has opened up about his favorite runs in wrestling, as well as sharing his thoughts on The Undertaker vs Goldberg.

The Undertaker’s matchup against Goldberg took place back in June at WWE’s Super Showdown. That hasn’t stopped others in the industry from sharing their thoughts on the clash.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards spoke about a range of topics including his favorite runs, on whether the Right to Censor would still work, and the infamous match between ‘Taker and Goldberg.

According to him, many people assume his favorite run would be as a part of the Right to Censor or the bWo. For him though, it’s his portrayal of Stevie Night Heat as “that’s really where I was really truly allowed to do what I could do without being hindered, handcuffed.

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When it comes to the Right to Censor, Richards believes the concept for the stable could still work in WWE today.

“They could always bring something like that back, you could rename it to match the labels of the people who try to control and censor people,” he said. “The right would say the left is doing it, the left would say the right is doing it. Whatever your local government is, whatever two sides of what I call the same party anyway.”

“It’s A Double-Edge Sword”

When asked about the Goldberg vs Undertaker match, Richards offered how it’s “popular” to bury their bout before claiming that the match was “designed to fail” because of it was planned to go too long.

“Both guys were in incredible physical condition. Were they in wrestling shape, though? No, it’s not possible because it’s a double-edged sword. […] It’s something you have to temper, so just to let people know, when you want to get on guys for being in their 50s and they get put out there for a 15-minute match, and they’ve never worked together – that’s tough.”