Stone Cold Steve Austin Says He Not Going Back To Road Full Time


Steve Austin talks his MSG return and calls it a homecoming

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently spoke to TV Insider, where he discussed things like having NJPW Star Lance Archer on his show, his experience of hosting reality shows and more.

Steve Austin has made a couple of appearances for WWE recently. Not only did he return to Raw for the recent Reunion special but he also made a special appearance at this week’s episode of the show from Madison Square Garden.

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While talking about his return to WWE programming, the former Champion revealed that it was planned well in advance. However, he made it clear that he has no intention of going back to the road full time:

“It’s just something that is happening. It’s not like I’m going to go back on the road full-time or anything, it’s some good opportunities. It makes sense TV-wise, business-wise. I’m there to lend a hand or help out as much as I can.”

Steve went on to say that going back to MSG felt like a homecoming because WWE‘s headquarters is in Stanford, Connecticut and so they always considered it to be their backyard.

Apart from this Stone Cold Steve Austin also talked about his return saying that he has been away for a long time and so he wants the young talents to get all the TV time.

However, he is okay to go out there and give someone a rub or go there in front of a crowd that was there when he was active and who wants to see him again. You can check out his full interview at this link.