The Miz Reflects On Talking Smack Promo With Daniel Bryan


The Miz has reflected on his infamous Talking Smack promo with Daniel Bryan.

WWE recently uploaded a video to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Intercontinental Championship. The video featured former champions The Miz, Randy Orton and Christian discussing the title and its history. It was during their conversation that The Miz reflected on his infamous Talking Smack promo with Daniel Bryan. He shared that the promo was the result of his frustrations with WWE not treating the title with the prestige he felt it deserved.

“I Was The Intercontinental Champion And I Couldn’t Get On The Show”

“I was in a time where, [the title] through the years started going down where anytime a person had the IC title, they would be on a show and lose, all the time, with the title,” said Miz.

He continued, “It was like, ‘He has the title, he’ll just lose today.’ I was sick of that mentality because the title meant so much to me as a kid. It kept getting thrown away, so I came to a point where I got drafted to SmackDown, and they wouldn’t put me on the show. I was the Intercontinental Champion and I couldn’t get on the show. They were debuting new SmackDown titles and the one title that I thought was prestigious and had such a rich history, was being forgotten. That’s how the infamous Talking Smack came where I went off on Daniel Bryan. All my frustrations I had with the title were being unleashed on Bryan.”

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“Talking Smack was a show that they needed ‘a little oomph.’ That promo gave it the ‘oomph’ it needed. I got a lot of texts from people that were like, ‘Holy cow, you went off.’ Honestly, I look back at that promo and I go, ‘Oh wow, that wasn’t that good.'”

Miz then commented on how he is a perfectionist. He stated that, when he went back and watched the promo, all he could notice was his stuttering throughout. His fellow guest Randy Orton then added that it was The Miz’s genuine emotions that made it “real” and memorable.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.