Tommaso Ciampa Reacts To Report About His Recovery From Surgery


Tommaso Ciampa gave his response

Tommaso Ciampa has responded to a report that surfaced on Monday. 

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful released their weekly internal injury report that stated the “internal listings had Tommaso Ciampa listed at mid-August, and now peg him at 9/11.”

At the end of the article, it states, “It should be noted that all of the return times are estimates by WWE internally, and are not definitive. These change often based on the progress or lack thereof of a superstar.”

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The former WWE NXT Champion took to his official Twitter account where he reacted to the injury update by writing the following: 

To Sapp’s credit, he did respond to Ciampa by stating: 

Tommaso Ciampa Says He’s Coming To Get “Goldie” Back

Ciampa suffered a neck injury that ultimately led to him getting surgery and relinquishing the title back in March. While he has made progress, there is still no official timetable for Ciampa’s return.

Ciampa has made it known that when he does return, he’ll refuse to go to the main roster whether that’s RAW or SmackDown Live.

The reason for that is due to him making it known that he is focused on the NXT brand as he feels like that is his home.