Triple H On NXT TakeOvers No Longer Being A Part Of WWE PPV Weekends


Triple H has addressed NXT TakeOvers no longer being a part of WWE PPV weekends, as well as whether TakeOver runtimes will becoming longer.

Triple H took part in a conference call on Monday ahead of NXT‘s debut on USA Network. As well as speaking about NXT‘s creative team and whether the black-and-gold brand would be involved in WWE’s October Draft, Triple H also discussed NXT TakeOvers no longer being a part of WWE PPV weekends.

“The TakeOvers will continue, but there’s a schedule shift going on,” he said. “That is an opportunity to better serve our Network subscribers to give them more live content on a more regular basis. So NXT TakeOvers will continue… but there are opportunities to do other content.”

He spoke about putting on a Worlds Collide show in January, calling them “fun and spectacular events’ that create “an opportunity to cross combine and make some interesting content without having to take away from what they’re [RAW/SmackDown/NXT] doing individually.”

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Although NXT is getting longer by an hour, Triple H coyly addressed the idea that TakeOver events would become longer, too. He explained that if he’s watching a movie and looks at his watch, then there are obvious cuts that needed to be made. This is something he doesn’t want for NXT.

“It’s about the content and the build, and if you build it right, then it’s not about the length of time, and hopefully you’re not even considering it when the show is over. You’re just like, ‘Man, that was good!'”

NXT makes its debut tonight on USA Network at 8 PM ET.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription