Triple H Reacts To Kenny Omega’s NXT vs. AEW Talent Comments


Triple H responded

Triple H has discussed the latest comments made by Kenny Omega

“The Game” continues to make the media rounds to promote WWE NXT on the USA Network. He did so again when he spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News where he spoke about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, he was asked about Omega stating that fans will see real stars on TNT with AEW Dynamite whereas NXT offers “developmental talent.”

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“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not sure if you’re aware of social media and that landscape. It’s a fairly negative place (laughs). If you’re going to get thin-skinned and read into stuff and get angry about stuff that people say, it’s gonna be a rough life. There’s a statement about opinions over the years I’ve heard. Everybody it entitled to their opinion. Everybody is entitled to put an executive tag on the front of their name and think that’s a cool thing.”

Triple H continued by nothing that if that’s the way that Omega sees it then bring their best show because he’ll bring his and that the winners in this war are the fans. 

Kenny Omega On AEW: You’re Going To See Real Stars, Not Developmental Talent

Triple H thinks that fans will choose what they want to watch and how. He continued by noting that it doesn’t matter to him and it’s not his interest but rather putting on the best show possible is his interest. 

The war between NXT and AEW starts this Wednesday night.