Triple H Reveals How Vince McMahon Reacted To NXT’s USA Debut


Triple H reveals how the Boss reacted to NXT's TV debut

NXT had a successful TV debut with a highly praised show and impressive TV numbers and it appears that the Boss Vince McMahon is also happy with how things went down.

Triple H talked to media after the show’s broadcast yesterday where he discussed things like Lio Rush’s return to the brand and also provided some update on former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa’s injury.

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During the interview, the WWE VP also talked about Mr. McMahon’s reaction to the show. He revealed that the Boss watched the whole episode of NXT and sent him massive congratulations after it was over:

“He watched the entire thing. I’m sure he’s at the office, probably at a meeting while he was doing it, but he enjoyed it, he loved it, he thought the talent did a hell of a job, thought they knocked it out of the park. He was excited. He sent me a massive congratulations after it was over and was thrilled with the product,”

Triple H went on to claim that The Boss was texting him throughout the day. He was excited about the show and he wished them luck before the episode went on air.

NXT‘s debut on USA Network featured an hour of nonstop action with a new #1 contender being determined for the Women’s title and the crowning of a new champion. You can check out the results of the show here.

Quotes via WrestlingInc