Triple H Says WWE NXT Opened The Door For Being An Alternative


“We were that alternative five years ago"

Triple H continues to talk about the upcoming competition that many people are calling a war between WWE and AEW

Such competition hasn’t been seen in nearly twenty years as WCW was the last promotion to gain such marketplace within the pro wrestling industry as they landed a television deal with TNT.

“The Game” spoke with Yahoo Sports for a new interview where he talked about the evolution of the WWE NXT brand that has reached to the point where they will regularly air on network television via the USA Network. 

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Triple H noted that he’s heard AEW talent say that they want to be different from WWE but he thinks NXT started that years ago. 

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“We were that alternative five years ago. We opened the door for being an alternative, we opened the door to show people that it can be done on a bigger level and on a different basis.”

Triple H once again stated that he thinks AEW should go out and put on the best show that they can because that’s what NXT will do. 

Fans will have to wait a few more weeks until the head-to-head competition begins between NXT and AEW. October 2nd will be when NXT airs on the USA Network and AEW will air on TNT at the same time.