WWE Draft Trades Possibly Revealed by SmackDown on FOX Promo


The speculated names include Becky Lynch and more

WWE is scheduled to hold another draft in October after SmackDown moves to Fox network. There have been lots of speculations on which stars could be switching brands.

Now it appears that some latest advertisements might have given us an idea about a few big names which could be moving to the Blue Brand in the draft.

Some recently surfaced photos as seen below reveal that WWE and FOX recently hired production company Two Birds Films to work on a SmackDown promotional video during the SummerSlam weekend.

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The photos feature some SmackDown stars such as Randy Orton and Mandy Rose. However, they also include some names which are currently a part of the Raw roster, including Rey Mysterio, The Miz, Alexa Bliss, and Becky Lynch.

Out of these 4, Alexa Bliss is one half of the current Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Nikki Cross so she could make appearances on both the shows while still being considered a Raw star.

However, the other three names are exclusive to the red roster. Since reports suggest that we will see a harder brand split once the shows are on different networks, these photos have led to speculation that these stars could be moving to SmackDown Live.

Though it’s also possible that these stars make some promotional appearances on the show instead of joining their roster and continue to be a part of Raw. So we will have to wait for the drafts to find out which stars actually switch brands.

Which stars would you like to see switch brands in the upcoming WWE drafts? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.