WWE Apologizes For Network Outage During NXT Premiere


WWE has released an official statement regarding issues with the WWE Network as fans attempted to watch NXT's second hour on the streaming service.

WWE has issued an official apology after numerous fans suffered from technical issues using the WWE Network.

After the first hour of NXT aired live on USA Network, fans could continue watching the action on WWE Network. However, some allegedly had problems tuning into NXT‘s second hour with the service not accepting their account details.

Acknowledging the issue, WWE apologized to fans who were unable to continue watching, writing:

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“You may have experienced a technical issue with WWE Network earlier this evening. The matter has been resolved, and you can now access the Network and watch tonight’s episode of NXT on demand. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Triple H acknowledged the issues in a post-show conference call. He admitted his team had made him aware of the problems but believed that the issues weren’t as wide-spread as social media implied. He added that it’s something they will be looking into for future broadcasts.

NXT Pride

Despite the issues affecting a certain percentage of the WWE Universe, Triple H was incredibly proud of the show. He mentioned how this first show wasn’t the finish line for them, it was the starting line.

“I just stood in front of talent and said, hard to follow up what they just accomplished without saying anything that doesn’t sound trite other than to say how proud I am of all of this,” he said.

Triple H added that his sentiment extended to all those working behind the scenes, as well as the talent in front of the cameras.