7 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 10/11


Impact Wrestling was inside Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas this week as they continue to build toward Bound for Glory on October 20th. This was the penultimate episode before the PPV and 3rd last before the show moves to Tuesday nights.

Here are 7 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 10/11:

Sami Callihan Piledrives Melissa Santos

The members of OVE were beating down Daga and Tessa Blanchard after this week’s main event. Impact World Champion Brian Cage attempted to make the save but this brought out Sami Callihan and Cage would fall victim to the numbers game.

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OVE would then handcuff Cage to the ropes which brought out Melissa Santos to implore them to stop. Callihan would then give Melissa Santos a piledriver in front of a handcuffed Cage to end the show.

Tessa Blanchard Pins The X-Division Champion

Tessa Blanchard pinned the X-Division champion in tag team action this week. Blanchard and Daga have each already qualified for the X-Division ladder match at Bound for Glory. Daga took out Fulton on the outside which allowed Blanchard to hit Magnum on “the Golden Draw” for the win.

Ace Austin also qualified for the ladder match earlier in the show and Rohit Raju will face Sabu next week with the winner receiving the final spot in the match.

Tenille Dashwood Gives Taya A Taste Of What’s Coming At Bound For Glory

In storyline, Taya broke this record a few weeks ago. In reality, Taya will pass Taryn Terrell’s record for longest single reign with the Knockouts championship later this week. Taya is currently sitting at 277+ days as champion, with Terrell’s record 279.

Tenille Dashwood was on commentary as Taya took on Havok this week in Vegas. John E Bravo would cause the disqualification, saving Taya’s title. Havok then took her frustrations out on Bravo. With Havok’s attention on Bravo, Taya hit her with the championship belt.

Dashwood then hit the ring and delivered a beatdown to the champion and gave her a taste of what she’ll get at Bound for Glory.

Ken Shamrock Rescues Stephan Bonnar From Moose

Stephan Bonnar technically defeated Moose via DQ this week after Moose put his hands on an official. Bonnar was busted open during the match, however, and Moose continued the beatdown after the bell.

Ken Shamrock ended up making the save and getting the better of Moose to close the segment. Only one episode left until these two throw down at Bound for Glory. Frank Trigg was going to make the save for Moose but Bonnar prevented him from doing so.

Jordynne Grace Teaches Katie Forbes A Lesson

Thick Mama Pump picked up a victory over Katie Forbes this week. Earlier in the night, Forbes and Grace interacted in the back when Forbes mistook Grace for someone who might park her car. Grace was generally not impressed with Forbes’ twerking but picked up the win with the Grace Driver.

Ace Austin Got A New T-Shirt…

There is a new take on the Austin 3:16 shirt available from ShopImpact.com. Ace Austin debuted a shirt this week which reads “I Just Banged Your Wife” on the back. This week Austin and Eddie Edwards faced off in a match where the winner would qualify for the X-Division ladder match at Bound for Glory.

With Impact in Vegas, Austin had the members of Reno Scum available to help him in this match. As Reno Scum distracted the referee, Austin loaded a piece of steel into his arm sleeve and hit Edwards in the face with it and pinned him.

The Desi Hit Squad Defeat The Rascalz

Now that the Great Gama Singh has Mahabali Shera in his faction, there might be little stopping them now. Shera dominated the members of the Rascalz and thus allowed for his team to pick up the win.

The loss is a blow to the Rascalz, who will face Dr. Wagner Jr. and two of his teammates to be named later at Bound for Glory.

Quick Results:

  1. X-Division Ladder Match Qualifier: Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards
  2. The Desi Hit Squad defeated the Rascalz
  3. Knockouts Championship: Havok defeated Taya Valkyrie (c) via DQ
  4. Jordynne Grace defeated Katie Forbes
  5. Daga & Tessa Blanchard defeated Jake Crist & Madman Fulton

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