Adam Cole On Stables In Pro Wrestling, Not Expanding Undisputed Era


WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole has shared his thoughts on stables in pro wrestling, and why he wouldn't want to expand Undisputed Era with new members.

In an interview with GameSpot, current NXT Champion Adam Cole shared his thoughts on stables in pro wrestling and explained why Undisputed Era will probably never add new members to its ranks.

“When a stable it’s done correctly, it’s so important. It’s so huge. It opens up so many different stories that that roster can tell,” Cole said. “So many different scenarios that guys can go. It just keeps things very fresh and different. Like you can do a million different tag matches, but at the same time, we’re individuals. Obviously, I’m NXT Champion, so I’m going to have a bunch of NXT Championship title defenses, but then the next week we can do a wild eight-man tag team match with all of us.”

Cole explained how the Undisputed Era‘s genuine friendship is the key to their success. He reflected on their ten-year friendship and how he has attended his stablemates weddings in the past. He believes this translates to screen and is a contributing factor behind the fans support of the Undisputed Era.

“Never Say Never”

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When it comes to expanding the group, however, Cole confessed he thinks it is important the group stays small. Not only that but that their lineup doesn’t change.

“As far as adding new people, no, I actually think it’s very important. I remember when it was me, Bobby, and Kyle at first. We were convinced it was just going to be the three of us, and then it was brought to us about Roderick Strong joining all of us. At the same time, we’re like, ‘man…’ [but] if anyone’s going to join us, he’s the perfect fit. And now that he’s there, we can’t imagine anyone else being involved either. So I think it’s going to stay with just the four of us. But again, it’s pro wrestling. Never say never.”

Adam Cole recently successfully defended his NXT Championship against Matt Riddle. He appears to have new competition, however, in the form of both Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa.