MJF Wants To Face Chris Jericho, Explains Why He’ll Never Wrestle Cody


All Elite Wrestling's MJF has spoken about wanting to face Chris Jericho, and why he would never wrestle his "big brother," Cody Rhodes.

All Elite Wrestling’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) took part in a post-show media scrum following the conclusion of Wednesday’s premiere of AEW: Dynamite. During the scrum, MJF spoke about his victory over Brandon Cutler as well as his future ambitions in competing against Chris Jericho.

“It felt great [to pick up the victory tonight]. It felt like every single bit of work that I have put into this industry has finally, finally come to fruition. I got to show the world what the future looks like. I got to show the world what the future of what All Elite Wrestling is, and the future of AEW is MJF.”

He spoke about tapping out Cutler in short order, calling himself a “top tier athlete” because of it. “[…] I proved what I’ve been saying since day one, and yet, people’ boo’ me. What they should be doing is looking in the mirror and wondering, ‘Why do I boo MJF? Is it because I’m jealous? Is it because I can never be MJF?’ Yeah, yeah it is.”

Future Goals

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When it comes to his next goal in AEW, MJF is quick to mention the current AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho:

Chris Jericho [is who I would want to face next] because he decided to do something that was absolutely inhumane and absolutely unnecessary,” Friedman stated.

He also addressed his friendship with Cody Rhodes, claiming that he would never face off against him as he is a “brother” to him.

“I would never in a million years put my hands on my big brother. Ever! When I say I’m going to be the future face of this company, it is because the face of this company right now is Cody Rhodes. And once he’s done, then it’s my time to shine. It’s really that simple.”

AEW: Dynamite defeated NXT in ratings this past Wednesday in their first-ever head-to-head.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.