Becky Lynch Believes Sonya Deville Can Have A Breakthrough In Career Similar To Hers


WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch believes another female wrestler on the WWE roster could have a rise in her career similar to her. While speaking to WWE‘s The Bump, Lynch revealed she sees potential in Sonya Deville who could be the next star to revive and propel her career to new heights.

While on the show, Becky was asked who she thinks can have a breakthrough moment in their career just like hers, and achieve similar feats like being the first woman on the cover of a video game, main event WrestleMania, etc.

Lynch said that anyone who makes a connection with the crowd will be able to achieve success as the people are the ones who can make it possible.

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“Yeah, look I don’t think anybody would’ve expected it to be me and I think that’s the great thing but anybody who can get a connection with the crowd because it’s all about the crowd,” Lynch said.

“It’s the people that put you there, the people that put me there. And if they get that then I see some people that can do that. I think Sonya Deville is one to look out for.”

Sonya Deville teams up with Mandy Rose on SmackDown and they were not drafted in this year’s WWE Draft and were free agents. The company then announced that both Deville and Rose have been signed to SmackDown as part of their free agent signings.