Billy Corgan Comments On 2 Years Owning The NWA


It was a pivotal week for Billy Corgan's NWA.

Billy Corgan’s NWA aired their first episode of Power this week to positive reviews. Many wrestling personalities, most notably the Rock, took to social media to praise the throw-back feel to the show. Corgan appeared on the “Remotely Interested” podcast recently and spoke about the 2 years he has spent as owner of the NWA.

Corgan spoke about how he hopes what the NWA is doing now in Year 2 sets them up for the future.

“It’s very hard for people to understand. And, I don’t mean it in any condescending way… If you’re gonna truly grow a business, there are things you are going to do that you are just gonna have to accept in Year 2, you are not going to do in Year 6. But, if you do it right in Year 2 you are going to get to Year 6…”

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“You know, we have had very good partnership relationships with Ring of Honor and stuff like that where we have been able to use their stage and to work within their world. So, this is a big thing. Now, we are stepping out on our own stage. It took a long time to get here. I could have blown this money right out the door. And, we could have done exactly what we are doing.”

“But, it took this much time to actually build the relationships with talent even or talent to buy into the idea of like why would I sign with you as opposed to another company when I could be on national TV, even though I am making less money… to explain to talent this is a different vision here.”

Episodes of NWA Power air on YouTube and Facebook at 6:05 PM Tuesday evenings.

The full podcast is available to listen to here. H/T Wrestling Inc. for transcriptions

NWA Power Episode #1

The full first episode of NWA Power can be viewed in the player below: