Bobby Lashley Continues To Push For Brock Lesnar Match


Bobby Lashley really wants this match.

Bobby Lashley has in the past and once again pushed for a match against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

He did so while speaking with Spandex while at a WWE 2K20 press event. This is where he recalled meeting “The Beast” for the first time while in Saudi Arabia. 

“It’s like the elephant in the room, does anybody see it? It’s so weird because I don’t know him. I’ve really never met him. I’ve really never said more than three words to him. I met him in passing a couple of times. Saudi was the first time I met him. Literally ‘Hey, what’s up?’ Boom, boom and that was about it.”

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Lashley continued by stating that he never said more than two words to him before that but thinks there’s a little mystique there and also for him. 

Lashley added, “Just being in the fighting world, man, I’ve trained and fought with some of the people that he’s fought with and man, it’s got to happen. It’s got to happen before I hit 50.”

Bobby Lashley Believes He Will Eventually Wrestle Brock Lesnar

This has been a match that Lashley has been talking about for years now as up until a few years ago, they were not in the same promotion. Obviously, that has changed. 

Time will tell whether Lashley gets to achieve his goal.