Booker T Says Christian Is The Most Underrated Wrestler To Ever Work In WWE


Booker T said recently he believes Christian is the most underrated wrestler to ever work for WWE.

Booker T was recently asked who he felt the funniest person backstage in WWE was. After taking some time to think about it, Booker wasn’t sure but noted the funniest wrestler in the ring was Christian. Booker would continue to call Christian WWE‘s most underrated Superstar.

“It’s hard to say who was the funniest backstage but in the ring it was Christian,” Booker said. “Christian was always the guy who had me laughing all the time. We’d be wrestling, we’d be in the ring, we’d be on the road, it would always be house shows, it would never be TV, it would always be house shows, it was his time to go out there and have fun and play around and just act stupid. He would be doing stuff in the match to make me laugh.”

“I had so much fun, so much fun working with Christian,” Booker continued.

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Booker would then continue to talk about Christian’s in-ring work.

“He was one of the best guys that ever put on a pair of boots,” Booker said about Christian. “I always say Christian is the most underrated professional wrestler that ever worked in WWE because the guy was just that good.”

The full interview with Booker can be viewed in the player below: