Bray Wyatt Appears In-Character On Good Day Sacramento (Video)


Bray Wyatt appeared on "Good Day Sacramento" this morning.

Hell in a Cell takes place this Sunday from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. Bray Wyatt will challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship inside the Hell in a Cell structure on the show.

To promote the event, Bray Wyatt appeared on local morning television earlier today when he visted the set of “Good Day Sacramento.”

“It’s this big, horrible structure that we do combat in,” Wyatt cheefully responded when asked what the Hell in a Cell is.

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Wyatt also compared Cross-Fit vs the Muscle Man Dance when talking about his match with “Cross-Fit Jesus” Seth Rollins.

The full segment can be viewed in the player below:

Bray Wyatt on Good Day Sacramento

The host asked about the Fiend during Wyatt’s appearance on the show.

“Have you ever had anything traumatic happen to you in your life?” Wyatt asked. “And don’t you wish you could just get back at everyone who wronged you in your life? Man, that’d be cool right?”

Wyatt was also asked about the phrase “Yowie Wowie!”

“Have you ever had something so amazing happen to you that you couldn’t control what came out of your mouth next?” was Wyatt’s response.