Bully Ray Believes AEW Won The “Perception Battle” Against NXT


Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer have shared why they believe AEW won the "perception battle" against NXT this past Wednesday night.

Former WWE Superstar Bully Ray believes that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) won the “perception battle” this past Wednesday night. Their show on TNT, AEW: Dynamite, premiered against WWE’s black-and-gold brand, NXT. Dynamite would emerge victorious in the ratings against NXT.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray discussed the shows with co-host Tommy Dreamer. He shared how Dynamite had the look and feel of a “PPV caliber event.”

“The word that comes to mind that comes to mind for me, […] watching the two shows—and I did flip back and forth—and that word was perception,” Bully Ray said. “Because within the first five minutes of both shows, I thought AEW won the perception battle. Because it’s virtually impossible to flip back and forth and see those two arenas and not think that AEW wasn’t doing the bigger and better job.”

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“The place looked phenomenal. It looked as good as any Monday Night RAW looks or as any Nitro, when Nitro was hitting on all cylinders, from the past. […] So if you were a wrestling fan who was maybe tuning back in for the first time, I think AEW was the show that grabbed you.”

Tommy Dreamer agreed with Bully Ray’s thoughts. He stated that he hoped Vince McMahon didn’t see NXT, as he believes everything would change for the black-and-gold brand if he did.

NXT is special and it needs to stay special,” Dreamer explained. “Nothing against Vince McMahon, his stuff works, but you’re talking to the guy who was told ‘Hey, this ECW rebranding was going to be different,’ and it changed after one show.”

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