Bully Ray Believes It’s Time For Cody To Be His Own Person


Bully Ray has discussed why he thinks now is the time that Cody becomes his own person.

During an episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray addressed Cody’s vignette that aired on this week’s episode of AEW: Dynamite. Bully Ray commented on the strength of the package. He explained how it made him want to see Cody defeat Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship. 

“When I hear Cody’s mom talking about Cody, now I am sucked in. This is everything to Cody. […] At the end of the promo, I felt myself going ‘Wow, I want to see Cody beat Chris.’ And, here’s the big difference: at All In, I wanted to see Cody win for Dusty. At Full Gear, and because of that vignette I saw last night, I want to see Cody win for Cody. And this is why I believe Cody no longer uses the Rhodes name, despite the fact that he’s allowed to use the Rhodes name.”

He added, “As long as he is still called Cody Rhodes, we will always think of Dusty first. Cody wants to just be Cody. He’s trying very hard to get out of Dusty’s shadow. Not because he doesn’t want to be there, but it’s his time to be his own person. Cody wants to be known 20, 30, 40 years from now as just Cody, the way Dusty is just known as Dusty.”

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Cody is scheduled to face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear. The event takes place on November 9th at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.