Chris Jericho Defends Marko Stunt Following Dynamite Debut


AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has defended fellow AEW competitor, Marko Stunt.

All Elite Wrestling World Champion Chris Jericho has seen the negative response some fans have had regarding Marko Stunt. Stunt made his in-ring debut this week, replacing an injured Luchasaurus.

Taking to Twitter, Jericho addressed the criticisms lobbied at Stunt. He defended the AEW wrestler, comparing him to stalwart talents such as Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon and Dean Malenko.

“Laughing at ppl complaining that @MarkoStunt is too small & a “disgrace to pro wrestling!” Funny thing is I thought the same thing about @reymysterio the first time I met him in 93. I also saw @TheUltimoDragon get REAMED out by his boss when he first brought Rey to Japan in 95.”

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He followed up by explaining how Dean Malenko was once laughed out the WCW locker room for standing up for Mysterio in 1996. Both Malenko and Mysterio were then congratulated afterwards once they had an opportunity to show what Mysterio was capable of in the ring.

“Times have changed & Marko IS small,” Jericho explained. “But most of the workers on the roster are smaller in 2019 then the 90s.

For Jericho, the only thing that matters is whether you can connect with the crowd. He believes Stunt has accomplished this adding that, at one point in time, he was told he was too small to succeed in pro wrestling. “Over is over,” he stated. “I was once told I was “too small” to be a wrestler too…& I did ok!”