Chris Jericho Pays Tribute To Rick Bognar


Chris Jericho was joined by Don Callis and Paul Lazenby to discuss Rick Bognar on Talk is Jericho.

Don Callis and Paul Lazenby joined Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho this week to discuss the life and times of “Big Titan” Rick Bognar. The man who portrayed the fake Razor Ramon character died suddenly last month at the age of 49.

“Rick was a constant in my career,” Jericho said on the show. “From the moment I showed up in Calgary in June of 1990 until he went to WWE in the summer of 96 I think it was, he was on pretty much every show that I was on, we did all the tours together, worked around the world together, hung out a lot in Calgary and on the road and then you kind of lose touch with guys.”

“If I had gotten married in 1995, Titan would have been one of the guys that I would have chosen to be in my wedding party sort of thing. Like he was that close to me at the time because we did spend a lot of time together in those early formative years.”

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“He was always a humble dude,” Paul Lazenby added about Bognar. Lazenby also talked about working as a bouncer with Bognar while his career as Big Titan was taking off in Japan. “Titan and I were there every Friday night, usually duking it out shoulder to shoulder.”

The full conversation can be heard in the Tweet below: