CM Punk Pulls Merchandise From Pro Wrestling Tees Store


CM Punk has removed most of his merchandise from his PWT store

It appears that former WWE Champion CM Punk has pulled most of his merchandise from his online store at the Pro Wrestling Tees website.

Punk has been selling various T-shirts and other merchandise such as shirts related to his famous pipe bomb promo as well as merch depicting the Chicago flag on his wrestler owned store at the site since leaving WWE.

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However, most of his merchandise has been removed from the store and the only T-shirt available at the site now is a ‘CM Punk sucks’ shirt priced at $19.99.

Superstars usually take down merchandise from their independent stores when they have signed a contract with any big company and the promotion intends to sell the merch through their own mediums.

With all the rumors about Punk possibly returning to WWE to work on their new studio show called WWE Backstage floating around, this move from the former champion is only expected to fuel speculation of his return.

The reports of CM Punk working on WWE backstage were first heard a few months ago when it was reported that his agents have reached out to Fox regarding a role at the new WWE studio show which the television network will be producing.

Punk then went on to audition for the show. The latest update on the situation said that his audition went very well and the Straight Edge star working on the show was a ‘done deal’.

Now the removal of his merchandise is being taken as another indication of him working on the show but we will still have to wait for an official confirmation to know what his exact role at the new series will be.