Dalton Castle Discusses Why He’s Comfortable In ROH, Isn’t Concerned With Competition


Former Ring of Honor World Champion Dalton Castle has explained why he is comfortable in ROH, as well as discussing competition from WWE and AEW.

Former Ring of Honor (ROH) World Champion Dalton Castle recently spoke with WWL.Radio.com. During their discussion, Castle explained why ROH is the right promotion for him as they allow him to grow and evolve as a performer.

“They let me grow on my own,” Castle shared. “There’s a good group of men and women in the locker room. I seem to get along with just about every one of them. I feel comfortable there. And it’s the size of the promotion that allows me to connect really one-on-one with every individual fan. If they choose to come to the meet-and-greets before the show, there’s a moment for me to touch base with them there. I’m attainable. All the wrestlers in Ring of Honor are attainable and are just as big of fans of this as anybody sitting in the seats.”

When it comes to the next steps ROH needs to take to continue to expand, Castle believes the promotion needs to “stay the course.”

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“We have been in existence for over 16 years,” Castle stated. “We continue to produce the best wrestling in the world. We never lose track of what Ring of Honor is, and that is being the best wrestling in the world and connecting with the fans that stick with us.”

“It’s Just A Cycle”

Regarding competition from other promotions, Castle admitted that he doesn’t consider them to be a big issue. He highlighted that every time ROH lost wrestlers to other companies, the promotion simply rebuilt itself and developed new stars.

“I was sad to lose a lot of people,” he confessed. “A lot of friends of mine moved on. But we’ve been through this before. I’ve lost really talented friends in the Ring of Honor locker room, then we’ve built it back up. We’ve done it again and again. It’s just a cycle. But the one thing that remains constant is that Ring of Honor continues to succeed.”

Dalton Castle recently lost to PCO in an ROH World Championship #1 Contendership tournament match at ROH’s Glory By Honor event.