Finn Balor Shows Off New Tattoo


Finn Balor has a new tattoo on his hand.

When Finn Balor returned to NXT on the first 2-hour live episode of NXT on the USA Network many fans noticed a new tattoo on his hand. Recently, Balor posted several pics of his new artwork. The title of his tattoo appears to be “the Boy Who Returned From Space.”

Balor posted the following pictures of his new tattoo to his social media accounts recently:

Balor also posted the following video to Instagram of the tattoo process:

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The artwork was done by David Sz of the Wolf Town Tattoo Collective in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Finn Balor Talks Returning To NXT

Balor spoke with Newsweek shortly after returning to NXT.

“I just want to continue to evolve,” Bálor said. “Been doing this for a long time, and sometimes when you stay in the same place for too long you get a little stagnant, you rely on your old tricks and old ways and you kind of just skate past. But there’s no skating here in NXT. I have to swim for sure, because It’s going to be a fight.”