Jon Moxley On If He Regrets Not Leaving WWE Earlier


Jon Moxley believes everything is supposed to work out in the end

Jon Moxley made a lot of headlines earlier this year when the news of him leaving WWE came out in January and the internet exploded when he joined AEW in May, only a month after his WWE departure.

During a recent interview with Screen Geek, the former Dean Ambrose of WWE reflected on his departure from the company and revealed if he regrets not leaving the company earlier.

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Mox revealed that he often wonders what would have happened if he had left the company in September 2015 instead of re-signing with the promotion, but at the time, he was still trying to be positive about the situation.

The former WWE Champion went on to say that he doesn’t know what would have happened if he had left the company earlier but he believes that at the end, everything is supposed to work out:

“I don’t know. It could have been worse. It could have been better, but, ultimately, everything’s supposed to work out how it’s supposed to be. The timing of, like, leaving at just the moment that AEW came into existence and just merging at the same time, that feels like a historical thing that I’m very grateful that it happened. “

Apart from this Jon Moxley was asked about the possibility of his wife Renee Young leaving the company and jumping ships to AEW as well.

Answering it, Jon said that Renee’s future is in her hands and she can do whatever she wants. You can check out his full interview at this link.