Jon Moxley Knocks WWE’s ‘Stupid’ Schedule, Reveals Who He Wouldn’t Work With Again


At All Elite Wrestlings’ New York Comic Con Panel, Jon Moxley addressed the press and talked about his career in AEW and how AEW has improved things for its wrestlers.

Moxley also gave his opinion on AEW‘s competitors – namely WWE, who he thinks has a “stupid” schedule which he believes the company will eventually change. He also thinks the entire industry is benefiting just from the existence of AEW because companies are raising the payments that wrestlers receive in order to lock the wrestlers down.

“I think everybody’s going to start doing better than they’re doing right now,” Moxley told Cageside Seats. “You’re seeing wrestlers who are getting more money from WWE because they are trying to lock everybody down. Which is great – it should have been like that all along! I think they’re gonna start reducing their schedule too, which is good, because their schedule’s stupid. Makes no sense.”

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“So I think you’re gonna see a better quality of life for the guys in the competition so to speak, just because of the existence of AEW.”

On an another topic, Moxley revealed who he would never want to face again – and it’s none other than New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s Toru Yano.

Moxley was on an undefeated streak at this year’s G1 Climax 29 Tournament, which was eventually broken by Toru Yano on the Day 12 of the tourney. Moxley says he doesn’t want to be in the ring with Yano again and described his match with him as the worst night of his life. “I never wanna experience that horror again,” Moxley said.

If you’re going to use any quotes from this article, please credit Cageside Seats along with SEScoops for the transcription.