Jordynne Grace Wants To Be Impact Tag Team Champion With Tessa Blanchard


Impact wrestler Jordynne Grace says that she wants to tag with Tessa Blanchard and challenge for the tag team championships.

Jordynne recently spoke to Fightful where she talked about a number of topics and gave her thoughts on women in Impact Wrestling.

Grace thinks that women in Impact are getting more opportunities now and that the promotion is slowly building up their women’s division. Grace thinks the main event intergender match at Slammiversary between Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard shows that women and men are on the same level in the company.

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Jordynne said, “At Slammiversary, they had the main event was an intergender match. So I think they’re definitely starting to build the women just as much as the men at this point. We’re side by side. It’s not like the women’s division is under the men’s division at all. They’re given equal opportunity and they’re putting eyes on both products. I think they have a really distinct vision of what they’re gonna do just by hearing what they say in the talent meetings and hearing what they say to me personally. I’m super excited in the direction everything is going. I think people, maybe they’re not going to be surprised, but they’re going to be really happy with what’s coming up.”

Jordynne says she wants to challenge for the Impact World Tag Team Championship with Tessa Blanchard as her partner. She believes her team and current champions The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) will put on an incredible match.

“So, me and Tessa [Blanchard], we really, really want to tag team and we wanna challenge for the tag team titles. And I think Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, I think it would just be an incredible match. I think it would blow it out of the park. And I think that’d be awesome to see. I don’t know if they’ve ever had an intergender tag championship match like that, but I think it’d be really cool.”

Grace made her debut for Impact Wrestling on November 8, 2018. Before that though, she made a name for herself in the indie scene where she became a regular of Beyond Wrestling, Women’s Wrestling Revolution, SHINE, NOVA Pro, Pro Wrestling Magic, Black Label Pro Wrestling, and several other promotions.