Matt Hardy: Fox Has Access To “Broken Brilliance”


Matt Hardy has proclaimed something that is making fans think he’s headed for SmackDown.

Hardy posted a photo on his Twitter account with a caption that noted that the FOX Network now has access to his “Broken Brilliance”. Hardy wrote, “As of right now, @FOXTV has access to #BROKENBrilliance. I’m ready.”

So, if Hardy returned to SmackDown, will he prefer to go the classic tag team route that he’s known for or will he go solo? Well, fortunately for us, he answered this question in a Q&A he conducted with his fans on Twitter.

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Hardy said that for the immediate future, he would prefer to have a singles run moving forward. “As for the immediate future, a singles run,” he wrote.

Hardy has said before that he was lobbying for The Broken Universe to come back on SmackDown on FOX. When asked by a fan, he wrote, “That’s what I am pushing for. I understand how to maximize my present-day value to the industry.”

Matt has not been seen on WWE television since he vacated the SmackDown Tag Team Titles with his brother Jeff Hardy back in April. The duo struggling with injuries after defeating The Usos for the titles at WrestleMania 35. It would be interesting to see if Matt brings back the Broken gimmick, which would mean that he dropped the You Don’t Understand gimmick that was seen for a few times in June.