Matt Hardy On Why He Returned To WWE, When He’ll Be Back In Action


Matt Hardy returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 on April 2, 2017, where he was added as a last-minute participant along with his brother Jeff Hardy for the Raw Tag Team Championship against the teams of Gallows and Anderson, Cesaro and Sheamus, and Enzo and Cass.

Since then, Matt has had a decent run in WWE with his Woken Matt Hardy gimmick.

Matt, however, has not been since June where he appeared at Super ShowDown to compete in the 51-man Battle Royal.

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Fans have been wondering what he’s up to and what his current WWE status is. A fan recently a fan on Twitter asked Matt if he ever regrets coming back to the company now that he isn’t being used.

Matt replied that he had to return to WWE to complete his redemption story and that the company made him. Matt added that he will always be grateful to WWE.

“No. I had to return to @WWE to complete my redemption story. WWE made me, I’ll always be grateful to them. Disliked how I left in 2010 & felt I owed #WWE a debt. Came back & repaid it. The WWE employees have treated me great,” Hardy wrote.

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He was also asked when fans can expect him to see on their TV screens. Matt assured them that he’ll be back within the next five months one way or another and will be competing in the ring for a while.

Looks like Matt’s trying to make an in-ring return possible and it would be interesting to see how it turns out as it could possibly be his last run, at least as an active wrestler, in the WWE.