Maxwell Jacob Friedman Says Chris Jericho Is A “Scumbag”


Maxwell Jacob Friedman is not happy with Chris Jericho following the AEW Champions attack on Cody.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman was victorious over Brandon Cutler on the debut episode of AEW Dynamite Wednesday night. Following the show, however, MJF was not in a good mood as he explained he was concerned for Cody Rhodes after he was assaulted by Chris Jericho and his new faction.

MJF‘s post-event media scrum can be viewed in the player below:

Maxwell Jacob Friedman On Chris Jericho:

“I’m not in a good mood at all,” MJF started off the interview with. “My best friend just got completely bludgeoned in the middle of the ring and I had no idea it was going on because I was back in the locker room after my match and I had no clue, I just found out after the fact.”

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“What should have been a night of me celebrating the fact that I just proved to the whole world that I am, in fact, better than literally everybody now I have to be concerned for my friend because Chris Jericho is a scumbag.”

“Because Chris Jericho is passed his prime and decided to take that out on my friend, Cody,” MJF continued.

MJF would continue to say Jericho is a great athlete and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time but did not need to stoop to the level that he did.

The interview ended up taking a sour turn when one reporter asked MJF if he decided to get revenge on Jericho by being the one who threw a hot dog wiener into the ring.

“Give me one reason not to slap you,” MJF said after staring at the guy for some time.