NJPW To Release New App Titled “NJPW Collection”


New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced that they are releasing a new app soon, titled NJPW Collection.

The app will feature card collecting, along with NJPW news and stories.

The company has said that a user can “collect gorgeous cards depicting wrestlers and moments from New Japan’s past and present.”

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Each wrestler will have multiple cards, which are probably ranked in a silver, gold tier, etc.

Apart from the card collecting aspect, the app will work as a news and content hub for the Japanese wrestling promotion, which will show content directly from the official NJPW site and its social media.

Users of the app will be able to earn in-app special bonuses from venues while attending a NJPW event in person. One can collect coins for gacha games in the app to obtain new cards. Gacha is similar to a loot box in video games, where players can “pull” or “spin” the gacha to obtain cards or other items in exchange for in-game currency, which are usually bought from real money. The Google Play Store says that the app does contain in-app purchases, which means one can probably buy coins or gems with real money to spin the gacha to win a card.

The app is available for pre registration on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Pre-registration for the app has begun, which you can do so by clicking this link.

The company also has created an ad for the app which features Will Ospreay and Togi Makabe: