Stipulation Added To Chris Jericho vs Darby Allin Match Next Week


Chris Jericho and Darby Allin will now face each other in a Philadelphia Street Fight.

Chris Jericho will defend his AEW World Championship next week against Darby Allin on AEW Dynamite. This week on Dynamite, Allin rode his skateboard down the ramp during the closing segment in order to attack Jericho. In response, Jericho cut the following promo announcing his match against Allin next week will now be a “Philadelphia Street Fight”:

Chris Jericho Sends Message To Darby Allin

“You all saw what happened tonight. In 29 years in the wrestling business, I’ve seen and done it all,” Jericho began the video. “But what I’ve never seen is a self-righteous son of a bitch skateboard down a ram-way and attack me.”

Allin qualified for a title match next week by defeating Jimmy Havoc this week on Dynamite.

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“It’s the biggest match of his career but he had to take it too far, he had to come and attack me from behind like some kind of a dog, like some kind of a street thug.”

“You want to treat me like some kind of street thug? Sounds good to me,” Jericho continued. “Because next week we’re in Philadelphia, that’s the place where my father Ted Irvine used to beat the crap out of the Philadelphia Flyers each and every night when he played with the New York Rangers. So, you want to come to Philly? You want to treat me like a street thug? I’m going to treat you like the little b***h that you are Darby Allin because next week for the AEW Championship Darby Allin vs Chris Jericho in a Philadelphia Street Fight.”

Jericho would then end the video by saying he would come as “the Painmaker” for the match.