Tony Khan Says AEW Can Build-Off WCW’s Lapsed Fanbase


Tony Khan says AEW is tapping into lapsed wrestling fans.

Tonight All Elite Wrestling presents its first show on TNT. Ahead of the show, AEW President Tony Khan spoke to Wade Keller about the promotion building off of WCW’s lapsed fanbase and more.

Khan talked about how he believes wrestling has plenty of lapsed fans AEW can tap into it.

“The business case before we had created AEW or spent a dime or signed anybody was that we believed there were millions of lapsed fans and there are millions of people that had been regular wrestling watchers and it was certainly a major part of their lives – because you saw big ratings every week for years and then that sort of dropped off.”

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Khan would continue to talk about the potential to bring back wrestling fans who left after the death of WCW.

“WCW in its dying days still had a very large audience,” Khan continued. “My belief was that if we went out that there would still be some market share there and if we could get back to where they were at the end and build off it, we’d be great but in terms of PPV and live attendance, we’re actually way ahead of where WCW was in the last year.”

He would continue to say many fans who purchase AEW PPVs are not WWE fans as well.

“If you look at our buys, there are a lot of people buying AEW PPVs and consuming our wrestling that were not consuming WWE.”

“The early evidence supports the business case that I launched the company off of,” Khan concluded.

The full interview can be listened to here.