Triple H Says Ronda Rousey Is Constantly Pitching Ideas For Her Return


Triple H says Ronda Rousey is in consistent contact with WWE.

Triple H says that Ronda Rousey is part of the WWE family and will be back with the company at some point. Hunter was interviewed recently by MMA Junkie and mentioned that Rousey is still in contact with many people in WWE and will likely be back “sooner rather than later.” He also mentioned she has been pitching ideas for her return.

“Don’t have a specific timeline but she’s with us,” Triple H said when asked if Rousey would return. “This is family for her, she’s coming back. She has said it, she calls us all the time. I think the biggest tear for her right now is trying to do what she wants in her personal life and just missing this. It’s hard to explain, this is like a family and there is a brotherhood and a sisterhood here that’s deep with people.”

“I don’t think she understood that walking in the door, but when she got here, she said to me multiple times, ‘It’s like the family that I never knew I was missing, and the group of friends and the environment I never knew I was missing.’ I think she misses that greatly. She talks to everybody all the time, she’s constantly with us, and she’s constantly pitching her return. So, if I had to guess, it would be sooner than later, but who knows?”

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Triple H spends most of the conversation with MMA Junkie discussing Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez. His comments regarding Rousey come in at the 9-minute mark:

What Is Ronda Rousey Up To These Days?

Ronda Rousey has been gone from WWE since WrestleMania. In that time, she has kept her fans up-to-date with what she’s been doing on her YouTube channel. She released a mock trailer for a non-existent horror movie titled “Tables” along with D-Von Dudley:

Rousey can also be seen on the latest season of Total Divas.