WWE Star Gets Ridiculous Name Change


Friday Night SmackDown kicked off the 2019 WWE Draft, and we saw Superstars moving to different brands. Apart from changing brands, one roster member got his ring name changed, to a very ridiculous one.

King Corbin and Chad Gable faced each other in this week’s episode of SmackDown. They have been feuding for a while now, and one of the main highlights of this feud is arguably Corbin bullying Gable for his height and referring to him as “Shorty Gable.”

It looks like Corbin will not be the only one to call Gable Shorty, as WWE themselves seemingly officially changed Gable’s name to Shorty Gable.

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On this week’s episode of SmackDown, Gable was announced as “Shorty Gable” while making his entrance, and his new name was reflected on the titantron and the nameplate.

Fans’ reaction to the name change wasn’t very welcoming on Twitter, with many criticizing the WWE for the move. Even porn giant Brazzers couldn’t help themselves, as they had previously poked fun at the company’s terribly received Hell in a Cell finish.

While it was already reported that Gable could possibly receive a new name, it was expected to be Shorty G, as the company had reportedly trademarked the term.

While Gable’s WWE profile on the company’s website still lists him by his old name at the time of this writing, it wouldn’t be too long before it’s updated to reflect the name change.