Kenny Omega Explains Recent Losing Streak


Kenny Omega explained why he's suffered so many losses already in AEW.

In the short history of AEW, Kenny Omega has already lost matches to Chris Jericho, PAC, and Jon Moxley. AEW‘s ‘Best Bout Machine’ finally broke into the weekly AEW Rankings this week, sitting at #5 in the men’s singles division with a 6-4 overall record.

Omega discussed the reasoning behind his recent losses on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio with Jim Valley and Dave Meltzer. 

“It’s no secret that I’ve sort of opted – I wouldn’t say ‘take a back seat’ – I love performing, I love being on every show as much as I can, I like to contribute, I always want to contribute where I can,” Omega said.

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“But we have so many new faces and each and every one of them that we have on our roster there’s a star, there is star quality. It’s unfortunate that not every single one of them can be on TV and they can’t get a crap tonne of time and I’m just a very patient guy. I know my time will come.”

Omega would continue to say he feels that AEW has made the right choices so far.

“I do think we’ve made the right moves right now. I do think that having Chris Jericho as our first champ was the right decision and I think that keeping Moxley incredibly strong – if you’ve seen his reactions in the live house, the people love him,” Omega continued. “I think that’s the right direction for him too.”

“I think that right now for me to be what people kind of expected that I would be off the get-go, which is just New Japan copy-and-paste Kenny Omega, I just don’t feel the timing’s right.”

Kenny Omega is scheduled to face top-ranked wrestler PAC next week on AEW Dynamite from Chicago, IL.