Details Behind Jungle Boy’s Current Push In AEW


Turns out that Jungle Boy has been earmarked by AEW management for "no rush focus," which is why he will soon share the ring with Chris Jericho.

Jurassic Express’ Jungle Boy is set to face off against All Elite Wrestling World Champion Chris Jericho on an upcoming episode of AEW: Dynamite. For some, his sudden push into the main event scene is somewhat perplexing, given his current record within the company.

According to Dave Meltzer of, Jungle Boy was one of those on AEW’s roster that had been earmarked for long-term development. He has apparently been given a “no rush” focus in how the company is wanting to help develop and evolve him. This extends to his growth as a character and in-ring talent. Meltzer pointed to how Jungle Boy did well as a featured talent during AEW’s first Battle Royal as an example of their approach.

When a fan asked about why Jungle Boy gets to wrestle Jericho despite his current record, “Le Champion” answered. Jericho stressed that Jungle Boy gets this chance “Cause it’s my decision. I wrestle who I want because I’m #LeChampion ….and you are a dumb moron.”

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Jericho isn’t the only AEW talent to respond to the question. AEW EVP Cody Rhodes also happened to see the post. He explained that Jungle Boy’s clash with Jericho isn’t a title shot but is “Gonna’ be a great match.”

Jungle Boy faces off against AEW World Champion Chris Jericho on the December 18th episode of AEW: Dynamite on TNT.