Seth Rollins Reveals Vince McMahon Asked Him A “Personal Question” About Becky Lynch


Former Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch appeared as guests on Gorilla Position Live in London. They both answered a bunch of questions from fans and Rollins shared an amusing interaction that he had with Vince McMahon regarding Becky Lynch, which almost led him to think that he might have to fight his boss.

Rollins revealed that McMahon was interested in knowing if his girlfriend Lynch had gotten a tan after vacationing in Hawaii together.

“So my story with Vince is a recent one, there are so many to pick from, but actually it involves her. So, we took like our first vacation ever. Actually it’s where I proposed to her. We spent two weeks in Hawaii, which, ah, amazing. We hadn’t taken a Monday off in, ever, right? So we took a Monday off for a vacation, and when we came back, I was sitting with Vince. We were talking about something and we were done, and I was about to leave, and he goes, ‘Can I ask you a personal question? Did Becky get a tan?’ I was like, ‘Yeah she’ll tell you, she identifies as a tan person now.’ She got a great tan in Hawaii, but yeah just the way he phrased it, I was like, ‘Oh no, how is this going to go. Am I gonna fight Vince McMahon right now?'”

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While Rollins didn’t state what the boss’ intentions were behind the question, but the fact that no confrontation happened between the two suggests that McMahon didn’t mean any harm by the comment.

You can watch Seth tell the story in the video below:

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