Booker T On Facing The Revival, Wanting To Manage The Street Profits


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has addressed a potential match between Harlem Heat and The Revival as well as reiterating his interest in managing The Street Profits.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has laid out two goals he would like to keep in 2020. During 2019’s final episode of WWE Backstage, Booker T shared how he would love to team up with his brother, Stevie Ray, to take on The Revival. He also reiterated his interest in managing RAW tag team The Street Profits.

“You know, since I am a tag team extraordinaire, tag team specialist, fourteen Tag Team Championships throughout my reign in this business, I’m looking forward to the tag team division getting crunk in 2020,” Booker T said. He then added, “And I might even manage The Street Profits somewhere along the year.”

Renee Young then asked Booker T about his interest in facing off against The Revival. A match between the two teams was initially teased during the WWE TLC Kickoff show last year after The Revival disrespected Booker T. The Revival challenged Harlem Heat to come out of retirement and face them in a one-time matchup. Reflecting on this challenge, Booker T confessed that he and Stevie Ray have spoken about accepting the match. He noted how he has “one left in me” before warning Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson to not “get jacked up, sucka!”

Booker T On How He’d Manage The Street Profits

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Booker T has previously stated his interest in managing The Street Profits. During an interview with ESPN 97.5 in Houston, he shared how he would help them evolve as a team, stating he would “Just put a little bit more street on em, that’s all. It’d be no playing, no jiving, just business.”

He explained how, sometimes, a wrestler has to be viewed as more than just an entertainer. When you can make that switch, he noted that you “[…] feel it in the soul, deep down in one’s bones. That’s what I loved about the business and that’s what I think I can bring to the Street Profits.”

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.