Konnan Addresses Recent Altercation With Psicosis II


Konnan has detailed what led to his recent physical altercation with Psicosis II outside a recording of Impact Wrestling in Mexico.

Konnan has addressed the physical altercation that took recently took place between himself and Psicosis II—who is not the Psicosis who wrestled in WCW and WWE. The incident occurred outside of a taping for Impact Wrestling in Mexico, with Psicosis II approaching and then slapping Konnan. Konnan, however, did not retaliate following the attack.

Speaking on his podcast, Keepin’ it 100, Konnan explained how the issues between them stem from Psicosis II supposedly working stiff with the original Psicosis. Konnan and Psicosis II would trade barbed words on social media, which angered Psicosis II enough to confront Konnan and lead to their exchange. 

“Now I see he’s with other guys, so I’m kinda looking around and thinking, ‘bro, is this guy gonna actually jump me here with these guys?’ While I’m kinda looking out of my peripheral and I’m trying to defuse the situation, he slaps me,” Konnan explained. “I’m thinking real quick for that split second, ‘bro, if I hit him, I KNOW I’m gonna get jumped.’ I just know I am, I just feel it.”

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Konnan continued, “If we would’ve been one-on-one, I would’ve punched the sh*t out of him. I’m thinking in that moment, let me get out of here so I can get into the dressing room and I can get everyone out.” 

You can watch Konnan detail the incident in the video below:

H/T to ProWrestlingSheet for the transcription.