Young Bucks Comment On AEW’s Approach To Long-Term Booking


Matt & Nick Jackson spoke to the Commercial Appeal about AEW's approach to long-term booking.

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks recently took part in an interview with The Commercial Appeal and spoke about AEW‘s approach to long-term booking. During the interview, it was stressed that AEW‘s success shouldn’t be measured on a week-to-week basis.

“We want long-term, nuanced stories, and sometimes you have to struggle and suffer a little bit to get to the climax of the story,” Matt Jackson said. “Wrestling fans are just so used to getting exactly what they need at the snap of a finger now.”

The brothers also spoke about their run in TNA Wrestling during the interview.

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“I think at the time, there was not a big picture plan,” Matt Jackson said. “We really loved wrestling, and we wanted to support ourselves and our families through wrestling. Whether that meant (wrestling in) TNA, Japan or WWE, it didn’t matter.”

The Bucks would then stress they knew something good was waiting for them in wrestling if they just stuck with it.

“I knew working hard would get us somewhere, but I couldn’t tell you we’d be doing what we’d be doing now — it’s surreal,” Nick Jackson said.

“If we stay healthy and the company keeps going and going, then it’s a better future for all of wrestling,” Nick Jackson said.

The full interview with the Commercial Appeal can be read here.