Adam Cole On Possibly Retiring Triple H


Adam Cole talks about possibly competing against and retiring his mentor

The NXT Champion Adam Cole recently had an interview with Steel Chair magazine where he talked about things like the difference between working taped vs. live shows and more.

Discussing Shawn Michaels‘ influence on his career, Cole recalled how Michaels was an inspiration for him growing up and how working with him in NXT is a dream come true.

He was then asked a very interesting question when the interviewer asked him about potentially facing and retiring his mentor and the Godfather of NXT Triple H. Replying to which, Adam Cole said that it’s something he would love do:

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 “Anybody on our roster would agree. We all idolized Triple H or Shawn Michaels as kids, and now we’ve grown up” said Adam Cole. “we’re working together with them.

We’re really getting to see their minds and not only how smart they are, but how much they absolutely love this job. I wouldn’t pass that up for the world, that absolutely is something that I would love to do. I know many NXT talents feel the same way, and I definitely know a bunch of fans would love it.”

Later in the interview, Adam Cole talked about being at the Royal Rumble PPV and getting the chance to witness Edge’s return live during the show.

Cole said that it’s stuff that you dream about when you are a performer and as a fan, getting to see the former World Champion return to the ring was absolutely incredible.

Apart from this, Adam Cole also discussed his WrestleMania dream match, the evolution of his character and making the transition from the independent circuit to WWE.