MLW Fusion Results & 6 Takeaways (2/8/20)


Major League Wrestling was back on BeIN Sports and YouTube this weekend.

Major League Wrestling presented an episode of Fusion from Texas on BeIN Sports and YouTube this weekend. The show featured an MLW World Championship match between Contra Unit’s Jacob Fatu defending against Hart Foundation’s Brian Pillman Jr.

MLW Fusion 2/8/20 Quick Results:

  1. Dominic Garrini defeated Zenshi
  2. Richard Holliday defeated Savio Vega
  3. MLW World Championship
    Jacob Fatu (c) defeated Brian Pillman Jr.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

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Here are 6 takeaways from MLW Fusion 2/8/20:

Jacob Fatu Retains Over Brian Pillman Jr. Thanks To Injustice

Brian Pillman Jr. had the biggest match of his young career this week on Fusion. He challenged Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Championship. Earlier in the evening, the members of Contra Unit attempted to attack Pillman as he entered the building but Davey Boy Smith Jr. helped him fend the stable off.

Pillman spent much of the early part of the match taking damage from Fatu’s offense but managed to make a comeback late. As he was going for a springboard move from the outside, Josef Samael got up on the apron and distract the referee. The members of Injustice (who have been in a rivalry with Pillman since the Opera Cup) came out to ringside. Pillman turned his attention to them and jumped on top of Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil on the outside. Myron Reed then hit Pillman with the loaded chest protector and tossed him back in the ring where the champion was waiting.

After Pillman initially kicked out from a standing moonsault, Fatu then hit a jumping moonsault from the top rope. Fatu then gave him another one for good measure and got the pin.

Cameras cut to the back where Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the Von Erichs were in a backstage brawl with Contra Unit’s Sentai Death Squad.

Texas Does Not Like Tom Lawlor

The Dallas live crowd was not happy to see Tom Lawlor considering Lawlor’s recent actions towards the beloved Von Erich boys. Lawlor opened this week’s show cutting a promo in the middle of the ring while wearing a Von Erichs T-shirt. The Texas crowd chanted for Lawlor to remove the Von Erich shirt. He obliged but then shoved the shirt in his pants before tossing it into the crowd (the crowd tossed it back). Lawlor then introduced Team Filthy member Dominic Garrini for his match against Zenshi.

Dominic Garrini Defeated Zenshi

Zenshi unleashed many high-flying Lucha-inspired moves during the match but Garrini was able to counter with his jiu-jitsu based submission offense. At one point, Zenshi appeared to have been injured and a medic entered the ring to check on him but Garrini wouldn’t let up and continued the attack. He locked in an armbar and the referee called for the bell.

After the match, Lawlor said to Alicia Atout that from here on out, Team Filthy would show no mercy.

Later in the show, Zenshi would be interviewed in the back by Atout and said he wants revenge.

Richard Holliday Defeated Savio Vega

Maxwell Jacob Friedman joined the commentary team as his Dynasty stablemate Richard Holliday took on Savio Vega in single’s competition this week. The Dynasty looks to be in good hands with Gino Medina, Alexander Hammerstone, and Richard Holliday set to run things as MJF exits the territory. MJF still has a little time left in MLW, however.

Holliday picked up the win with his “2008” slam. After the match, MJF and Holliday stole Savio Vega’s Carribean Championship title belt.

The Dynasty To Produce Next Week’s Episode of Fusion

The Dynasty was interviewed in the back by Alicia Atout this week. They noted that Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father had arranged for them to produce next week’s episode. Medina will be taking on Septimo Dragon, Hammerstone will face Aerostar for the National Openweight title and MJF and Holliday will challenge for the MLW tag team championships as they get their rematch against the Von Erichs.

Also Upcoming In Major League Wrestling

MLW taped Fightland in Philadelphia recently which featured the debut of Killer Kross. While Kross is now signed to WWE, he will appear on future episodes of Fusion taped from the 2300 Arena.

MLW also announced that former Battle Riot winner LA Park is due to return to the promotion soon.

MLW is also promoting its new alliance with Dragon Gate: