Young Bucks Discuss Marty Scurll Staying With ROH


Young Bucks gave their take

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) recently did an interview with where they spoke about Marty Scurll’s decision to stay with Ring of Honor instead of joining AEW.

Many fans expected Scurll to wind up in All Elite Wrestling after a short run with the NWA but that wasn’t the case. 

Nick started things off by noting that they had a feeling Marty was going to stay with ROH three months before the news came out. 

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“We were kind of feeling him out for a while now and he always was very vague with us, anytime we would bring up storylines and stuff. So, we pretty much got the hint three months ago or so. And we realized, ‘Okay, he’s staying put.’ Good for him, though. And that he knows how we feel, it’s a business. 

Yeah, it would’ve been great to have him with us because we’re good friends, but he got a great deal out of it and he seems to be very happy. He’s definitely going to try to paint his path on his own and more respect to him for doing that. We’re all cool though.”

Matt gave his take by noting that Marty got a great offer and he thinks Scurll wanted to be more than just a wrestler and he got an opportunity to do that. He noted that Marty is a clever guy and he’s very talented.

Matt said that he loves him and hopes nothing but the best for him. Matt hopes that Marty can make the place he’s working a better place because he wants wrestling everywhere to succeed because as long as the wrestlers are being taken care of and there are more opportunities for wrestlers in order to support their families. 

Matt noted that he thinks the wrestling world needs Ring of Honor to do well. 

“I think Marty, if you can pinpoint any person right now that can help them, it’s him. Good on them, and I’m happy for Marty.”

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