MLW Fusion #100 Results & 6 Takeaways (3/7/20)


MLW presented its 100th episode of Fusion this week.

Major League Wrestling presented the 100th episode of Fusion this weekend on BeIN Sports and YouTube. The show emanated from Philadelphia’s famed 2300 Arena and featured a main event of Jacob Fatu defending the MLW world heavyweight championship against CIMA.

MLW Fusion #100 Quick Results:

  1. Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Erick Stevens
  2. Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Jimmy Havoc
  3. MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) defeated CIMA

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

Jacob Fatu Retains, Despite Solid Effort From CIMA

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Jacob Fatu is arguably the most dominant champion in MLW world heavyweight championship history. Coming into this match, few if anyone would have given CIMA a chance to take the belt here. The member of Stronghearts did manage to give Fatu a surprising run for his money, however.  

CIMA must have known that he would need to take risks if he was to gain the advantage on the champ but the end of the match came when he missed a top rope move and Fatu countered into a pop-up Samoan drop. The champion then went to the top and delivered a devastating moonsault but was then instructed by Josef Samael on the outside to deliver one more for good measure before pinning his challenger and retaining his title.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Defeats Erick Stevens

Eric Stevens recently aligned with Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy but he was in tough this week as he took on the 2019 Opera Cup winner Davey Boy Smith Jr. 

The end of the match came when Stevens attempted to go off the top rope but was caught by Davey Boy who then delivered his Calgary Stampede Powerslam followed by a diving headbutt for the win. After the match, Davey Boy got in the faces of Lawlor and Garrini, the other members of Team Filthy. Lawlor had been on commentary during the match.

Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Jimmy Havoc Despite Priscilla Kelly’s Interference

Rookie of the Year Brian Pillman jr. faced Jimmy Havoc this week on Fusion. In Havoc’s corner was “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly and she did not hesitate to interject herself into the match. Throughout the course of the contest, Kelly put Havoc’s leg on the ropes to break up a pin, handed him a foreign object, and as the match wore on she even came off the top rope for an attempted cross-body block.

Pillman was able to thwart all of this, however. As Kelly was coming off the top, he avoided her attack and allowed her to crash into Havoc instead. Moments later, the Hart Foundation member would hit Air Pillman for the win.

Brian Pillman Jr. and Injustice’s Rivalry Continues To Build

Pillman didn’t have to worry about the members of Injustice getting involved in his match against Jimmy Havoc this week as the trio had been banned from the building. MLW cameras caught Injustice trying to get into the building but they were turned away by security. During the course of this interaction, Jordan Oliver repeatedly stated that he would stab Pillman.

We’ve also heard that while Pillman has normally been competing at around 220 lbs, he will look to the keto diet to drop 15 pounds to the 205-pound middleweight limit. This will allow him to challenge Myron Reed for the title he took off Pillman’s Hart Foundation teammate Teddy Hart who has since left the territory. Before Reed can worry about Pillman, however, he must face Laredo Kid for the title next week.

Richard Holliday’s Caribbean Championship Reign Continues

Richard Holliday from the Dynasty is currently in possession of the Caribbean Championship title belt. He took that title off of Savio Vega but not by defeating him for it but rather by literally taking it from him after a recent match.

This week on Fusion, viewers were informed that Holliday defended the title on a private island earlier this week. Footage of this supposed title defense was not shown, however, and likely doesn’t exist. It sounds like the Dynasty had a great time on the island, and the trio discussed how Holidays’ new title belt is the 1A belt in the promotion alongside Alexander Hammerstone’s National Openweight belt. One has to wonder how these comments sat with the legitimate Caribbean Championship, Savio Vega.

Coming Up In MLW

On March 13th, 2020, MLW and AAA host a joint show in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The last time MLW was in Mexico they performed in front of a capacity crowd of 5000.

Matches listed for the show are as follows:

  1. Black Destiny, Fantastik & Rayo Star vs. Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana)
  2. AAA World Trios Title Match
    Los Jinetes del Aire (El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr.) (c) vs. Injustice (Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil & Myron Reed)
  3. Extreme Tiger & Puma King vs. Dominic Garrini & Tom Lawlor
  4. MLW Openweight Title Match
    Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Laredo Kid
  5. Mortiz & Pagano vs. Mance Warner & Savio Vega
  6. Gino Medina & Richard Holliday vs. Los OGTs (Averno & Chessman)
  7. Los Mercenarios (El Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion) vs. Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr.)
  8. Nicho el Millonario, Nino Hamburguesa & Psycho Clown vs. El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park & LA Park Jr.

Also, next week on Fusion we’ll see Tom Lawlor take on the debuting Killer Kross.