MLW Fusion Results & 6 Takeaways (3/28/20)


MLW Fusion came from Philadelphia's 2300 Arena this week.

Major League Wrestling presented a show from Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena on BeIN Sports and YouTube this weekend.

MLW Fusion 3/28/20 Quick Results:

  1. Dominic Garrini defeated Dr. Dax
  2. MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) defeated T-Hawk
  3. King Mo defeated Low-Ki via corner stoppage

Team Filthy & American Top Team Pick-Up A Cheap Victory Over Low-Ki

On last week’s episode of Fusion, King Mo, Dan Lambert, and American Top Team merged with Tom Lawlor’s Team Filthy. The merger was announced shortly after King Mo attacked Killer Kross with a bat. MLW issued a suspension to Mo for the attack by the American Top Team’s lawyers have appealed and Mo will be allowed to compete while the appeal is taking place.

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This week, King Mo was scheduled to face former MLW World Champion Low-Ki in single’s competition. Mo has been taunting Low-Ki in recent weeks about Low-Ki’s training with the Gracie family and Mo’s victory over Roger Gracie in MMA. Each wrestler has been claiming to be the knockout king of MLW as well.

Mo would pick up the victory over Low-Ki but not via knockout. Team Filthy found an altogether cheap way to gain the win. Low-Ki had Mo locked in a choke when Team Filthy members Erick Stevens and Dominic Garrini ran in. Ross Von Erich was already ringside as he was cornering Low-Ki and his brother Marshall also came out to fend off the Team Filthy members. This allowed Tom Lawlor to slip into the ring unnoticed. Lawlor broke up the submission by hitting Low-Ki with an umbrella. Dan Lambert then threw in the towel that Ross Von Erich had been holding and convinced the referee that Low-Ki’s corner had tossed it in as a submission. The referee then awarded the victory to King Mo as the crowd erupted in boos. Team Filthy then blasted the Philadelphia crowd while proclaiming King Mo the new knockout king in MLW to end the segment.

Injustice Attacks Brian Pillman Jr. With Cinderblock

Brian Pillman Jr. was scheduled to face Jordan Oliver this week on Fusion. Pillman is focussed on going after Myron Reed’s Middleweight Championship and has even reportedly begun eating a keto diet to drop enough weight to compete in the division.

As this episode of Fusion continued, however, it became clear that nobody had heard from or seen Pillman. The match against Oliver appeared to be in doubt.

In a backstage segment, Injustice then said they had some footage to show everyone. The video was then shown in the final segment of the night. In the video, Injustice attacked Pillman in the parking lot and gave him a curb stomp on top of a cinderblock causing it to crumble. There was no medical update on Pillman’s condition immediately available.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top-10 Rankings

MLW aired the most recent top-10 rankings for the promotion this week as voted on by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Here is this week’s MLW PWI-rankings:

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)

  1. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) (Dynasty)
  2. Myron Reed (Middleweight Champion) (Injustice)
  3. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (2019 Opera Cup Winner) (Hart Foundation)
  4. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy)
  5. Brian Pillman Jr. (Hart Foundation)
  6. Richard Holliday (Dynasty)
  7. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (Dynasty)
  8. Mance Warner
  9. Low-Ki
  10. King Mo (Team Filthy/American Top Team)

Mance Warner vs MJF – Empty Arena Match – Loser Leaves MLW – Next Week

A pivotal match takes place inside an empty arena next week between Mance Warner and Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Warner was recently attacked at “the pay window” by MJF and his Dynasty cronies as the rivalry between the Southern Psychopath and the entitled faction has reached a boiling point.

Next week it is all one the line between the two as the loser will be forced to leave the territory.

Alexander Hammerstone Successfully Defends Title Against T-Hawk

You have to hand it to Alexander Hammerstone. He managed to pick up a clean victory over some tough competition this week. “Clean” victory might not be the correct word for it, however, as there has been rumors the powerful wrestler has been helped by some “supplements” he picked up during a recent trip to Mexico.

The Philly crowd was heavily behind OWE’s T-Hawk during this match and Hammerstone didn’t hesitate to rub it in their faces when he had the match going the way he wanted.

T-Hawk made an ill-advised trip to the turnbuckle and was suplexed off the top by the champion. This set-up Hammerstone then hitting the Nightmare Pendulum for the win and successful title defense.

Dr. Drax No Match For Dominic Garrini

All the mysterious Dr. Drax had to do to earn $1000 in this match was last 5-minutes with the Team Filthy jiu-jitsu master. As it turns out, Garrini was able to dispatch his opponent this week in a little over 20% of the time he had available to him. Drax tapped out to a submission just over a minute into the match.

It was certainly a big week for Team Filthy as they scored 2 big victories.