The Young Bucks On Turning Down Tony Khan’s Initial Offer To Join AEW


The Young Bucks recall refusing the original offer from Tony Khan

The Young Bucks alongside other members of the Elite were one of the first stars to sign with AEW and their signing helped the company in convincing other stars that their promotion was something real.

However, while appearing on the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted podcast, the brothers discussed their start with the promotion and revealed that they had actually refused the initial offer from Tony Khan.

Matt Jackson first recalled how he was the first person to pick up the phone from the AEW President because everyone else thought that he was crazy.

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Nick Jackson then explained how he didn’t believe Khan either and said “I didn’t believe him. He actually reached out to me and [I] said nope,” Nick said. “I’ve heard this story multiple times throughout my career.”

The AEW Vice President continued by saying that at the time, they were negotiating with every company in the world and he had told his brother to go with something they knew:

“At that time, we were negotiating with literally every company in the world that was involved in wrestling, so this was another thing, and I was like there’s no way this is gonna be real because here we have these real companies offering the world to us. At that point, I [was like], ‘Matt, let’s go with something we know’.”

The Young Bucks then explained that they wanted to become writers and bookers but no one believed in them and they signed with AEW because the company gave them the chance to be themselves.

While it started slow, AEW has become one of the top wrestling companies of the world in the past year. It became clear that they will be sticking around when the promotion signed a new multi-year deal with TNT.

Quotes via WrestlingInc