Bully Ray: “Undertaker’s Promo Was Good, Edge’s Promo Was Great”


WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed the events of the Monday Night RAW. This week’s episode was once again filmed with no live audience, and a lot of the promo work was shot ‘backstage.’

Bully would compare the work between the ‘big 4’ promos on the show; notably Kevin Owens, Edge, Undertaker and Paul Heyman.

Bully Ray on Edge and Undertaker

“‘Takers promo was good, Edge‘s promo was great,” Bully Ray began. “They were all [the big four], you know, all of them did a phenomenal job. But there was a reason why Edge‘s was better. But man, all of these people talking to us. Edge made me want to put my hands in my pocket and pull out money to plop down on a pay per view.”

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This will of course be Edge‘s first singles match back in a WWE ring since 2011, following his return from a neck injury that kept him out of action. It was originally believed that Edge would never be able to return, but seemingly he has the fire and passion to cut some of the best promo work of his career over the past few months.

Selling Fans on a PPV

“And whenever I’m teaching students at the Team 3d Academy, and I’m teaching them about the art of the promo? I say I tell them you have one job at the end of this promo” Bully Ray elaborated.

“That one job is that when you’re done talking, no matter what you say, and no matter how long you say it for. Whether that’s one second, one minute, or five minutes. The idea is to make the fan want to put their hands in their pocket and plunk down 20 bucks for a T shirt. Plunk down 50 bucks for a pay per view, plunk down whatever for a ticket. And those four promos last night from ‘Taker, Edge. Owens and Paul? They all made me want to do it.”

“The only part I don’t think I liked? Is when ‘Taker said: ‘you mentioned her.'”

– Bully Ray

Bully Ray would then go into why he felt Edge‘s promo was better, citing the fact that Undertaker’s may have felt a little bit more ‘scripted’ in execution. “Taker had me hook line and sinker” Bully began. “The only part I don’t think I liked? Is when ‘Taker said: ‘you mentioned her.’ [He] was telling AJ ‘you mentioned her,’ I knew that he was talking about his wife Michelle. But then when he had to go ahead and say her whole name Michelle McCool? I went, ‘Ah, don’t tell me her whole name I know her whole name already!’ that felt a little forced to me.”

Styles Clash vs Faithbreaker

Ray would then move on to the fact that Undertaker was trying to bring the Styles Clash vs Faithbreaker conversation into the story. With Michelle McCool seemingly ‘borrowing’ AJ’s move in the early 2010’s.

“Bringing up the name of the finish that Michelle McCool used, which is basically the styles clash, I guess she had given another name? That felt a little bit forced.”

“I personally never saw Michelle McCool use the finish. I know they showed me maybe footage once of it. I’m really not associating Michelle McCool with the Styles Clash, so it almost came across to me like Undertaker was really pushing his wife. To get over her. That part right there felt like a little bit of a round peg in a square hole. So that’s why I said his stuff was good because I loved everything that he did. And I especially loved his holy trinity line.”

The overwhelming feeling from both Bully Ray and co-host Dave LaGreca was that the promos from Monday Night RAW were more than enough to convince people to purchase WrestleMania 36 this weekend. For the first time ever the event is being held over two nights, and will now be available to purchase on FITE TV.

Do you feel that Edge‘s and Undertaker’s promos were enough to get you to watch WrestleMania this weekend? Let us know in the comments

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